How Can I Help?

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is calling on you to help shape how we meet this challenge. This online brainstorming session, open from February 13 to March 27, 2012, will enable NARA to hear your most important ideas relating to managing government records.

How Do I Participate?

This platform allows you to submit ideas, discuss and refine others' ideas, and vote the best ones to the top. We are seeking innovative approaches to policy and any relevant examples, reports, literature and stories relating to managing government records that might be adopted government-wide. The most important themes and ideas to emerge will inform development of the Records Management Directive to be issued jointly by the Office of Management and Budget, the Associate Attorney General, and the National Archives and Records Administration.

Search for Ideas to make sure that your idea or area of interest hasn't already been covered.

Vote, Vote, Vote! Your votes are critical to ensuring that the best ideas "bubble up" to the top.

Add your idea by clicking on the "New Idea" button to the left.

Please identify yourself as a representative of: Government * Industry * Academia * Professional * Public Interest

Spread the word! E-mail a link to this website to your network, and invite them to get involved.

Read more about the Presidential Memorandum - Managing Government Records on the Records Express blog and follow NARA_RecMgmt on Twitter

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