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Government-wide Framework

Protecting Electronic Records in the 21st Century

The Federal Government can learn from the private sector where over 25,000 businesses select offsite storage companies who offer Class 125 Media Rated Vault Chambers for their disaster recovery records.

Also, this trend has been recognized by State Government where the State Archives of Indiana, Texas and Washington installed Class 125 Media Storage Vaults.

Currently the Federal Government fails to recognize the much... more »


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Agency Compliance Support

Know the extent of the problem and understand how to address it.

My idea is that NARA be enabled to staff appraisal archivists and building inspectors that REGULARLY review agency records ON-SITE. Self agency reviews are not sufficient. NARA needs to be empowered and resourced to ensure that our Republic is documented through the ages. Done in a positive manner, these on-site teams can be seen as assets by the agencies.


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Transitioning to Digital

Stand Up and Act RIM Professionals!

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If we, who identify as records and informant professionals, are given a chance, we will add greatly to the president’s reformation initiative. We must seize the day and be accountable partners in this great enterprise with President Obama. We must insist that our organizations take a leadership role in the presidential initiative. ARMA, NARA, and AIMM must all be responsible advocates for our profession.

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