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Agency Compliance Support

Know the extent of the problem and understand how to address it.

My idea is that NARA be enabled to staff appraisal archivists and building inspectors that REGULARLY review agency records ON-SITE. Self agency reviews are not sufficient. NARA needs to be empowered and resourced to ensure that our Republic is documented through the ages. Done in a positive manner, these on-site teams can be seen as assets by the agencies.


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Accountability through Documentation

Re-Write 36CFR, Subchapter B

Although Subchapter B was reorganized in 2009 and went through the Federal Register process, little changed. The words were simply put in different places.
Existing practices as described may have suited the Federal Agencies in the past, but they haven't kept up with the times. Funding and staffing is shrinking and the manner in which records are created has changed completely from the manner in which the CFR was written... more »


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Enabling Agencies to Fulfill Missions

The Comments are Coming in- Time to Move Forward!

HAving seen comments submitted by a couple of Agencies, it is apparent they want to see not only RM processes updated, but a total revamp of guidance provided by NARA.

They also see a need for an acknowledgement of the immense cost associated with improving RM at the Federal level. I can guarantee you, they didn't pull their punches.

It is time for many of the ideas being submitted here to be taken seriously. This... more »


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