Enabling Agencies to Fulfill Missions

Transform how Technical and R&D Records are managed

There is a business proposition and/or opportunity to improve how long-term temporary and permanent technical and R&D records are managed in the Federal Government. Right now very little integration exists for of these types of records horizontally across the Federal Business Lines. This leads to challenges for researchers and limits the ability to leverage the research and technology effectively within the Federal Government. Additionally, there are great opportunities to commercialize our existing Intellectual Property and knowledge developed under the many research programs in the Federal Government. In a time where we need better efficiency with taxpayer dollars and need the ability to support our Agency and Customers businesses (time-to-market), better integration or consolidation of this very important ASSET should be considered for the future. Below are some of probably many strategies to consider:

-Provide this as a reimbursable service

-Leverage successful existing programs and expand (Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC®))



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