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The Comments are Coming in- Time to Move Forward!

HAving seen comments submitted by a couple of Agencies, it is apparent they want to see not only RM processes updated, but a total revamp of guidance provided by NARA.


They also see a need for an acknowledgement of the immense cost associated with improving RM at the Federal level. I can guarantee you, they didn't pull their punches.


It is time for many of the ideas being submitted here to be taken seriously. This has been a great place to rebut those who have spent too much time working for NARA and are trying to defend the status quo. Those of us who have worked in both public and private sectors can truly point out the flaws in the Emperor's New Wardrobe.


No idea at this point where the money is going to come from to make the changes needed- some may be realized by discontinuing/improving existing inefficient practices, but that won't scratch the surface. These improvements are going to take staff within Agencies and at NARA that have KSAs that do not currently exist, and they will require FRESH thinking.


Much of it is going to have to start with suspending the use of and rewriting 36CFR, Subchapter B, to be more consistent with more effective RM practices used in corporate settings and ESPECIALLY those related to how electronic content is created, used and managed.


Another major effort is going to be the overhaul of the General Records Schedules and completing earlier work that had begun to establish larger aggregations of records retention periods ("Big Buckets") to enable the application of retention periods to electronic content in a more automated manner.


Just like Rafiki told Simba in the Lion King when he came of age... "It is TIME".


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