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Stand Up and Act RIM Professionals!

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If we, who identify as records and informant professionals, are given a chance, we will add greatly to the president’s reformation initiative. We must seize the day and be accountable partners in this great enterprise with President Obama. We must insist that our organizations take a leadership role in the presidential initiative. ARMA, NARA, and AIMM must all be responsible advocates for our profession.


I am an information governance professional, by way of compliance officer, by way of records manager. In this new age of electronic records reformation in the federal government, I should be a key player. So should everyone who is reading this blog.


We as records and information professionals must stand up and act. The key should be to use our core tools. We have always used the records inventory (What is it?), the retention schedule (How should we manage it), and the file plan (Who is involved and Where is it?) to bring our masters information into compliance with whatever law or regulation was thrown at us. Electronic information and clouds and mobile devices are no different. We have to stop overanalyzing and go back to our core principles.


A record is a record and a tool is a tool. We manage records (from the first identifiable bit if electronic information created in the course of business to a final formally dedicated record) regardless of the tool (clay tablet, paper, email, PDF, Word.doc, or big data in a cloud). The president’s memorandum and the reformation of federal records management will be a great success if we are allowed to use our tools as a part of the evolving policies and processes.


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