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Records Management Reform Ideas

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As a representative of a private sector company that supports government agencies with their records management, here are a few ideas for RM reform:

1. OMB should consider providing upfront funding for agencies to digitize their records. Agencies will need help figuring out "what" records to digitize. A short-term capital expense would lead to longer-term ROI for government budgets; 2. Records management programs typically have inadequate levels of personnel to handle the load and this contributes to FOIA backlogs. Consider increasing the importance of records management and giving these programs appropriate headcount levels to move beyond reactive records management and put them in a leadership position within the CIO's organization; 3. Homegrown records management systems are not scaleable and do not integrate between Department agencies/components or with enterprise content management tools for search across physical and digital records. Consider providing a list of vendors who can help agencies with RM software and grant budget enhancements for these improvements; 4. Partner with leaders in the records management industry to help provide necessary records management training to all employees in Federal government. Develop scalable content that can easily be rolled out; 5. Give agencies increased control and accountability over their temporary business records and put a NARA emphasis on permanent records management.



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