Government-wide Framework

Protecting Electronic Records in the 21st Century

The Federal Government can learn from the private sector where over 25,000 businesses select offsite storage companies who offer Class 125 Media Rated Vault Chambers for their disaster recovery records.


Also, this trend has been recognized by State Government where the State Archives of Indiana, Texas and Washington installed Class 125 Media Storage Vaults.


Currently the Federal Government fails to recognize the much more fragile nature of computer media and electronic records. These media classes require a more cutting edge vault.


NARA instigated, under their leadership of NFPA 232 Protection of Records, a change to the Standard to recognize that a higher level of protection be provided for media. But since that time, the Federal Government has lost focus on the need to require that media storage vaults be designed and installed to protect media. The Department of Energy has been very progressive in requiring protection of digital records in appropriate vaults in nuclear facilities. But this should be a program across all agencies that now or in the future will store electronic records.


Server vaults should also be Class 125 Fire Rated, Listed and Labeled to protect Cloud based data archives.

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