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NARA at a Crossroad

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The ascendency of information management over records management began in 1985 with the publication of OMB Circular A-130. Since then records management in Federal agencies has diminished in significance to the steadily expanding universe of information creation, use, and sharing throughout the Government. Records management has always been a part of the information mangement process, however, it deals with information of a "fixed" nature, and not the fluid characteristics of information. Unfortunately, NARA's authority is limited to records management, and reform to records management will only solve half of the problem.


If management of Federal records is to be reformed, it must begin with statutory changes to NARA's authority. Not only records, but information, management must be under NARA's domain. NARA knows information and in order for this government to truly reform its records management, it must look beyond the limited scope of records. This is a crossroad for NARA-either move forward with greater authority over all information management or remain in the limited world of records and the information they contain.



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