Government-wide Framework

Collect and reuse best government practices, learn from failures

Of course, it’s an obvious idea. The problem is, the best practices don’t collect themselves, and someone should do the collecting, analysis and dissemination. At present it’s especially important to collect and share cloud experience.


Many practitioners aren’t good at communicating their successes. NARA could help them by providing advice, suitable forum and encouragement. It would be helpful to compile a directory of web resources for good recordkeeping.


Advanced agencies might be encouraged to help the ones lagging behind by consulting (or maybe even some technical assistance).


Professional groups can be engaged. For example, CRMs could be credited with extra points for sharing their experience and ideas.


The Presidential Memorandum is not just about improving the management of federal records. It’s actually about the improvement without extra funding. This goal can only be achieved through redesign of business processes and innovative use of the technology at the workplace. Special attention should be paid to collecting and disseminating corresponding success stories.



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