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Archiving and Migration solution

Dear Sirs,


My name is Max Inui at JVC Advanced Media.


We have just launched a new Archiving and Migration solution on optical discs, DVD-R. DVDR technology is not a new technology but what we have launched has a completely new approach and the new concept. I appreciate if you could study the below. I am sure that the most of the preservation is done on the cloud but optical discs are suitable as off-line archiving for a long time.


1) Long term archiving on DVD-R


Up to now, since there are no world wide standard, each manufactures have claimed their products’ longetivity without showing clear details of the test. As a result, there are many wrong understanding flooding in this market. The most important issue for optical archiving is initial occurrence of error rate. This is determined by quality of media and drive, not only media.


2) ISO/IEC10995 DVD-R


This ISO standard is the only one standard in the world defining the test method to estimate longetivity of DVDRs. Our product is tested by independent lab and certified. Each elements of the discs are tuned up for long term archiving capability. Our product is the only one that has been certified and complied to this standard.


3) Archival Grade Drives


As said, initial occurrence of error rate is extremely important for long term archiving and decided by media quality and drive quality. Up to now, none of optical disc manufacturers have talked about this but about only the quality of their discs. However, due to the importance of this issue, we have developed the drives specially tuned to secure the lowest error rate possible.


In combination use of ISO DVD and the drive, the operation can fully meet ISO/IEC29121, which is an operation standard for ISO for long term archiving. This is really a key to retain important data for a long time safely.


4) Error Checker


The unit to check the error rate is developed as well. Because analyzing the error rate is the only way to understand the media condition = migration timing, which is invisible to users up to now. The unit can be used for initial error rate check shortly after writing process or periodical test for the discs already under storage.


I believe that the solution will help your preservation project or even at your outsourcing partner/vendors.


Best regards,

Max Inui


JVC Advanced Media USA




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