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Prior to coming to NARA, I knew that I should be managing my own records better, but didn't know how or where to turn. What about a short orientation for every Federal employee/citizen, perhaps as part of the mandatory Ethics training, on how to make your own records, open and accessible to all, now and for the future. A one-page handout made available to every employee would help as a reminder; and it could be posted on a web-page in HR. There could even be guidance on how to set up a physical and e-mail folder for what might become "permanent" records, such as a handout I picked up in the Corporate Records Management office at NARA. Doing this at the time of creation or completion of a project or transition for a program, and making it the responsibility of each individual, would perhaps be more efficient than managing with authorities and regulations. This approach would leverage whatever good intentions exist at the level of each member of Agency staff and provide best practices at the level of individual responsibility.


NARA could provide the information to all Agencies in an easy-to-implement format. It should take no more than :20 minutes of each person's time. If it becomes a 20 hour course, it is too long.



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