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Primary Records

Many original records are in an "unusual" format, i.e., e-mail, paper, etc., and not in a standard electronic record. In some cases, this original format will contain information that cannot be easily captured for digitized storage.

Provision needs to be made to store certain primary records and make them available for future access so that (a) correct generation of secondary digital documents can be verified and (b) information on primary documents will not be lost.

Submitted by rw1234 2 years ago

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  1. During the assessment of records one criteria is the determination of the viability of the existing source material, based upon its form/format. If it's determined there is the potential of degradation, or if it is already taking place, those records should be prioritized for conversion to a more viable substrate.

    In the native electronic paradigm, these decisions need to be made more frequently based on obsolete formats or applications, requiring conversions/migrations to ensure persistent access to content.

    In some cases (e.g. microfilm with redox)there isn't any time to waste- those need to be isolated from the rest of the collection and converted post-haste.

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