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Mandate compliance within IT Systems

The Office of Management and Budget should require records identification and compliance with records policy for all deployments of information technology in the federal government. The Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process should do more than pay lip service to the records status of information managed in federal IT systems. Records Management is a requirement similar to the Section 508 requirements for accessibility. Currently, the CPIC process is biased against ensuring compliance with records management requirements. The process is focused on IT security and on compliance with mandates that are driven by technology. Records Management is riven by business needs and that is something IT managers have no direct understanding of. This is something that can be done but it will require IT managers to listen to and follow the direction of the business leads in agencies. That is something IT managers are not used to doing.

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  1. Conceptually, I agree but the problem is a bit deeper. In meetings over the past 4 years with Funding Managers and CIOs in one Agency, we have been told DIRECTLY that the CPIC requirements DO NOT apply to Records Management.

    I don't understand why, and I tried to make the case that when a capital expenditure is made for the deployment of technology AND the technology supports a project that will create and manage records, there is a definite relationship!

    Where the disconnect seems to be is there is no means of estimating the volume of records that will be created/generated over time, the manner in which they will be disseminated or used, the length of time they need to be retained, and the long-term estimate of cost to accomplish this.

    Early responses to the Presidential Memo are pointing to the need for improved collaboration between IT and RM within Federal Agencies and at NARA. One would think this should be easy to accomplish, seeing as in essentially ALL Agencies, RM is under the CIO... and so is IT.

    It just seems that sadly, the two functions are like the US and the UK... "Separated by a common language."

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