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Don't Overlook the Little Guy

While an overhaul at the agency level is necessary, I wonder if the units within each agency will be overlooked in the process. My unit is very often overlooked by our governing agency - forgotten at the bottom of the morass. We are trying to follow records management procedures, but feel that our agency and NARA just doesn't seem to care, therefore records management is put on the backburner.

A mandate is all well-and-good, but does nothing if there isn't anything in place to help the units within the agencies. There need to be strictures in place that compel those units to follow records management procedures and then *help* them do it. Otherwise, particularly in this financial climate, no one is actually going to do anything about records management, no matter what some chief records officer, high above, says in an agency-wide email.

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  1. The problem I see is that we in records management try to aim to high or two low in the hierarchy and inimplmenting records management in the business areas (it's their records after all) where the rubber meets the road. Better efforts need to be expended to find that key middle business area person who knows the upper level strategic picture but also knows how things operate on the ground where records are being created and managed. It's that disconnect that needs to be bridged. That key middle level person in each business in each business area is who Records Mnagement needs to ally with above all and get them on our side - it's their records and assets after all - not IT's, Not Legal's, and not RM's.

    2 years ago
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  2. Seeing that this is the most agreed upon idea so far, I thought a suggestion on how to help accomplish it would be relevant. A good place to start would be to empower the people who actually DO the RM work in govt. by recognizing Records/Infomation Management as a profession.

    Per NARA's Records Express blog: "On Friday, March 9,2012, as part of the Obama Administration's ongoing Open Government activities and their support of Sunshine Week (March 11th through 17th), the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) released the Final Position Classification Flysheet for a new job series called the Government Information Series, 0306." It is my understanding that throughout the work on this by OPM and in their interactions with agencies, Records Management was to be included in the definition of this new job series. Inexplicably, however, RM was removed after the last draft and not included. Again, according to NARA Records Express, "..OPM now acknowledges the need to explore the records management job series issue more deeply."

    I can't imagine why Records Management was not included in the Government Information Series, 0306! Maybe the emphasis of the Presidential Memo on RM Reform will now make this happen. NARA, OMB and the Whitehouse should do whatever it takes and ASAP to get OPM to reconsider or to develop another job series exclusively for Records Mangement professionals.

    2 years ago
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