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Add "Transitory" Bucket to GRS

A key benefit of applying Information Governance to an enterprise is the ability to delete/destroy records that are not essential to the business process. Therefore by adding "Transitory" as a new Big Bucket record series, agencies can explicitly define what is a non-record, and apply a retention schedule such as 90 or 120 days.

This can save agencies millions in reduced digital and physical storage costs, and reduce the cost of discovery.

Submitted by mmandel 2 years ago

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    2 years ago

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  1. You can classify something as a "Feeder Record" if it is going into a case File. And impose a short-term retentrion period that suits the Business Area's needs (i.e. quality assiurance, etc) for that Feeder Record.

    2 years ago
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  2. Transitory is already identified. The primary example is in GRS 23, Item 7. Text related to how its applied is in 36CFR Part 1236, 1236.22(3)(c)

    Agencies may elect to manage electronic mail records with very short-term NARA-approved retention periods (transitory records with a very short-term retention period of 180 days or less as provided by GRS 23, Item 7, or by a NARA-approved agency records schedule) on the electronic mail system itself, without the need to copy the record to a paper or electronic recordkeeping system, provided that:

    (1) Users do not delete the messages before the expiration of the NARA-approved retention period, and

    (2) The system's automatic deletion rules ensure preservation of the records until the expiration of the NARA-approved retention period.

    Transitory records are NOT non-records. Non-records DO NOT have a retention period at all because by definition, they aren't records.

    2 years ago
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  3. Records are defined in the GRS and all agency Schedules based on their information content. "Transitory" is an attribute or characteristic of some Records; but not a defined Record type/series.

    I agree with the need to encourage disposition of non-essential information as part of good Information Governance, but as Larry points out, authority to do this already exists. Short-term retention periods are defined throughout the GRS and in agency Schedules; and by definition non-records don't have required retention periods.

    What's needed on this, IMHO, is much improved enforcement of the requlations and actual practices put in place to ensure that disposition of non-record information and all Records with short-term retention is carried out when it should be.

    2 years ago
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